Beauty From The Inside Out: Tips To Get That Glow

Everybody knows that when you’re tired, you look tired; when you’re sick, you look sick. Some might tell you it’s all in your head but it’s most likely not. How we look on the outside is a direct reflection of how well we are on the inside.

RESCU chats with industry expert Monique Bolland, owner of the Alkaline Spa & Clinic

RESCU: How does looking after your internal health and wellness support aesthetic beauty?

Monique Bolland: Give your body the nutrients it needs, the support your systems need to function optimally, and you will see the results in your skin, eyes, hair and body shape.

RESCU: What are some of the factors that contribute to our body’s internal and external ageing?

Monique Bolland: One of the biggest factors contributing to premature aging, and signs of aging, is acidic pH. pH balance in your body is critical to good health (you should always maintain a slightly alkaline state) and so many factors in modern life are tipping us towards the acidic end of the scale – stress, pollution, imbalanced diets, dehydration. Proper nutrition, sleep, exercise and regular detoxification all help to alkalize the system. Drinking alkaline water (with a pH of 8.0 or more) is one of the easiest ways to help get your body back in balance.

RESCU: What vitamins and nutrients help keep your skin and body beautiful?

Monique Bolland: There are so many ways to support your body both through nutrition and supplements but some of the key nutrients to consider are silica and zinc for healthy hair, skin and nails; anti-oxidants to combat environmental damage; and Omega 3’s (like fish oil or flaxseed oil) to keep your skin plump and firm.

RESCU: What foods can I eat to stay healthy on the inside and young on the outside?

Monique Bolland: Diets rich in fruit and vegetables, legumes, whole grains and lean protein; and low in sugars and saturated fats are they key to slowing the ageing process. Make sure you have plenty of fibre from vegetables or whole grain breads (this will keep your digestive system clean). Berries are a fantastic source of anti-oxidants. Fresh fish, seeds and nuts will give your body the Essential Fatty Acids it craves. If your diet is lacking in any particular area, talk to a naturopath about supplements that could bring you back up to optimal levels.

RESCU: What are some of the treatments available at Alkaline to promote beauty from the inside out?

Monique Bolland: Two of the critical organs of detoxification are the skin and the bowel. Modern lifestyles mean both of these often need a helping hand. Colonics are fantastic if your bowel is sluggish or you have symptoms of IBS. And if you don’t exercise and break a good sweat every day, infrared saunas are a great way to purge the body of toxins.

RESCU: Do you have any quick tips for maintaining internal health?

Monique Bolland: Get in the habit of starting the day with a squeeze of lemon juice in a cup of warm water. This will help to alkalize your body and will kick start your liver and digestive system.

Monique Bolland is the owner and founder of Alkaline Spa & Clinic, an integrated day spa and wellness clinic offering the most innovative treatments specialising in detox and wellbeing. Visit for more information.

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