Olympic Athlete Shares Her Top Exercises for Mums

Exercising can sometimes be hard to fit into a busy schedule especially for mothers but you aren’t alone. Olympic Athlete, Eloise Wellings shares her top exercises for mothers that will help change everything.


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In what ways does distance running prepare the body for motherhood?

Most mothers will attest to the fact that raising children some days can be a test of endurance. Much like distance running, motherhood takes strength, resilience, wisdom in decision making, high energy levels and patience! I think the main thing for me when I became a mum with our six year old daughter India and now with one on the way is that motherhood has challenged me to be more organised and plan ahead if I want to get everything done and achieved day to day! Physically I know that being fit and strong from my running training has helped me keep up with the energy demands of motherhood which is a motivating factor to keep going!

What have you learnt as a distance runner that could benefit mums in their exercise routine?

Consistency is key. Building an exercise habit that works for you is crucial to getting the outcomes that you want from your exercise routine especially after giving birth.

Be creative- If you’re a new mum and you’re navigating your way back to full fitness whilst juggling the demands of your newborn, be creative with your routine. Accept that your routine might not look like it did before you started a family but being creative in your approach to exercising with your newborn in toe is important for your new routine to be sustainable.

 What advice can you give second time mums ahead of their bub’s birth?

This pregnancy the second time around, I am continuing to run most days, the time and distance that I run are determined by how I feel on the day. I’m also doing pilates twice a week which is crucial for core strength and helps keep my back strong as the pressure on my pelvis increases throughout pregnancy. The focus on breathing in Pilates whilst doing the actual exercise I believes helps to create a sense of mindfulness and the ability to breathe through discomfort, which is important during childbirth!

When not pregnant, how do you maintain your fitness – what is your dietary and lifestyle routine?

When not pregnant, I’m running up to 140km’s per week and doing three gym sessions per week and all of the recovery techniques that go with that to help stay healthy- such as ice baths, stretching and massage. My diet when I’m competing is reasonably clean- I eat for training to make sure that I get the adequate energy that i need to feel good whilst training hard. I eat lots of complex carbs, lean protein and loads of fresh fruit and vegetables… which the occasional blow out on pizza and ice-cream, usually after competing!

You are an ambassador for ubiquinol – why do you take it and why should we keep it on our health radar?

I’ve been supplementing my diet with ubiquinol for the past three years. It  a the reduced form of co-enzyme Q10 and is a powerful antioxidant. I rely on Ubiquinol for both helping reduce muscle inflammation and maintaining my energy levels during hard phases of training. It also helps combat oxidative stress which can be common with increased training loads and a busy lifestyle.


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.


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