Top Tips For Taking Your Job Anywhere In The World

As work cultures shifts away from the stagnant 9-to-5 office life and towards a new age of independence, more of us find ourselves drawn in by the alluring world of remote work. If you’re craving the chance to live the life of a digital nomad, these tips from the experts at ASUS can help you on your way — all you’ll need is your laptop, your passport, and your taste for adventure.

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Is remote work right for you?

Before taking the plunge into the life of a digital nomad, be sure that this lifestyle is a good fit for you. Remote work is a wonderful option for employees who are independent and motivated, but will likely end in disaster if you’re prone to procrastination or driven by the presence of your seniors. Not to mention, working remotely can be downright lonely! If you’ve mulled this over and established that this lifestyle is right for you, you’re ready to begin the process of transitioning into remote work.

Flexible working conditions

Many companies have a long-standing culture of sharing an office, but you’re one step closer to the dream of working remotely if your workplace already provides the option to work on-the-go with a laptop. Explore your options with your boss and wider teams. If they are able to accommodate a remote employee, you’ll have the added benefits of increased productivity from culling your commute, while experiencing all that the world has to offer!

Failing that, freelance work is a viable alternative depending on your area of expertise, skill level and pay expectations. From programming to graphic design to content writing, the world is your oyster and the internet puts thousands upon thousands of jobs (freelance or not) at your fingertips through sites such as OzLance. Though it will mean parting with your full-time gig, exploring freelance roles that specifically advertise as ‘remote’ can be a necessary course of action if you’ve got your heart set on working remotely and your employer can’t accommodate this.

Find the right communication tools

You probably already have the full suite of software on your laptop to get your work done. Requiring physical access to certain company resources will limit your flexibility, but if you’re in a primarily digital industry, the biggest gap you’ll need to fill is communication – your phone and laptop! The immediacy and responsiveness of talking to people face-to-face is hard to beat, but if you’re using a full range of communication tools, then all of your bases should be covered. These include:

– Email: the baseline for most office communication.
– Video Calling: a great way of cementing with your colleagues that you’re still present and active, even if you aren’t right there with them.
– Team Collaboration Tools: an ideal option for sharing files and quick messaging within teams.

Manage Expectations

Remote roles are available across a wide array of industries, but be sure to keep your expectations reasonable. Unless your skillset is very unique and in-demand, you may have to compromise in particular areas of your lifestyle, especially if your role is as a freelancer. Budget carefully, and consider making your next international getaway in a country where the cost of living is comfortably within your means.


The last thing left to do is to do your job, and do it well. Document your actions and ensure your colleagues have visibility on them, meet your deadlines, and stay productive on-the-go. And with that, you should be well on your way to the exciting world of working remotely. Enjoy your travels, and good luck!


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