10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas To Woo Your Date

As i’m sure you’re already aware (whether you like to admit it or not) it’s Valentines Day is around the corner. Ladies in love this means you are preparing to be whisked off your feet by the person you love, and we suggest you do that in style. Renowned Fashion Designer Alex Perry reveals how to embrace your inner glamazon with these Valentines Day ideas.
Okay, this is it girls. The most romantic day of the year. Valentine’s Day is the ultimate ‘date’. The love of your life has (presumably) 1. Ordered you flowers 2. Booked the restaurant, and 3. Shaved. The least you can do is look amazing.

Don’t think for a minute you can get away with jeans and a tee – this occasion calls for high voltage glamour!
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Whether you are being wined and dined by a new admirer or a long-time love, the objective remains the same. Follow my tips below, and you will be well on your way to wooing your place on a (faux) bearskin rug in front of an open fireplace…

Here are Alex Perry’s Valentines Day Ideas:

1. No matter where the date is, invest in a great little black dress. The sexiest dress possible is your best weapon – make sure it is lower cut in the neckline, or with a shorter hemline, to show off your best – ahem – assets.

2. Beautiful lingerie is a fabulous investment so splurge on the good stuff. This is the one occasion you can pack away the girdles and waist cinchers. Bring out the best push-up bra you can find with the sexiest lacy knickers to match. Colour? Red [or black] is the new black on Valentine’s Day.

3. Pop on your strappiest stilettos. It is a proven glamour fact – the higher the heels the closer to date nirvana.

4. Bikini wax – need I say more?

5. Freshly blow dried hair, worn loose and tussled, is your most glamorous accessory.

6. Wear a kissable nude shade of lip gloss that tastes good too! Keep your make-up light and dewy, with a sultry smokey eye and lashings of mascara.

7. Glow! Velvety touchable skin is always glamorous, so buff to super smooth and apply a light, shimmery body gloss.

8. A light workout before the big date will get your endorphins going, making you look radiant and feel confident.

9. Don’t drink too much – champagne bubbles are sexy and glamorous. A drunk date is not!

10. Giggle – whether the date is a casual walk along the beach, or a fine dining extravagance, with a new beau or old … flirt, relax and have fun. There is nothing more glamorous than two people falling in love.

And now that you have amped up the glamour, you should at least cop a pash before reaching the restaurant. Just remember to re-apply the gloss!


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