Inspirational Woman and Individualist Lana Hopkins of Mon Purse

The Wedgwood Vera Wang Elements of Style Collection is designed to appeal to a new generation of women, reflecting four distinctive styles; the Romanticist, Traditionalist, Individualist and Modernist.

In this series we speak to four inspirational Australian women – each representing one of these personalities – who share their journey, learnings and personal style.

Introducing our Individualist, Lana Hopkins who, driven by her quest for the perfect bag, founded the bespoke, luxury brand Mon Purse.

The customisable designs follow the Mon Purse ethos:

– Designed by you – your purse, your way.
– Every woman should own a bag that she truly loves

Since launching, the spirited entrepreneur’s thriving business has expanded globally via beautiful shop fronts and online.

Through this extraordinary journey Lana has found an inner strength and skill set beyond what even she thought she possessed.

“Focus is something I have garnered, developed and established, particularly when leading a team.” Lana Hopkins

In partnership with Wedgwood and the Vera Wang Elements of Style Collection, we bring you Lana’s story and inspiration on how you can harness your own style.

The desire for self-expression transcends all other considerations” Vera Wang

For the Individualist, personal expression is key. Headstrong and opinionated, they wear their individuality like a badge of honour. Neither a trendsetter nor a follower, the Individualist can be counted on to follow their own dictates which always provide a hint of the unexpected.

Lana Hopkins is indeed all that.

Watch Lana’s inspirational interview:

Wedgwood Vera Wang products featured are:


Image: With Love Nouveau Pearl Gift Box and With Love Nouveau Pearl Frame 4”x6”


Image: Sequin Pattern and Sequin Vase 23cm

With Love Nouveau Pattern
With Love Nouveau Silver Clock
With Love Nouveau Silver Frame 5”x7”

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Makeup: Alphie Sadsad (Bobbi Brown)
Location: All Saints Wellness Clinic, Double Bay

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