Wellness Challenge: Day 10 at the Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket

As my 10-day transformative journey draws to a close, my tastebuds received a real treat as I road-tested a RAW Food menu…

One of the most intriguing and eye opening experiences for me has been the introduction to the amazing cooking techniques used by chef Bryan Burger at the Six Senses Destination Spa. He and his team have opened my eyes and palette to the incredible possibilities with fish (the menu is ‘fishetarian’), which is good news as I live in Sydney and have ample options for beautiful fresh seafood, the wonderful world of tropical fruits, and the pleasure of delicious veggies and fresh herbs.

The menu is also exceptionally flavoursome and balanced. Amazing options for breakfast ranging from porridge to egg white omelettes; a stunning raw food salad bar every lunch together with a selection of nutritionally balanced hot fish or vegetarian dishes; and for dinner a three-course extravaganza that is still totally balanced, low fat (no oils are used in cooking whatsoever!!), and reasonably low calorie too.

RAW energy: the power of RAW food

I signed up for one of the famed cooking classes and was thrilled to see that we would be cooking a RAW menu. RAW food is essentially totally vegetarian (no fish, no dairy) and nothing is heated. RAW believes that food loses its nutritional value and benefits once heated or processed in any way. RAW however does not mean bland, or bowl after bowl of salad.

I experienced some of the most delicious and innovative dishes of my life. A pasta dish with no pasta – instead strips of zucchini covered in a stunning coconut and basil sauce. You could hardly tell the difference and everyone who tried the dish gave it the red-hot stamp of approval.

Another amazing meal consisted of an appetiser that was a salad followed by a tomato and bocconcini style cheese, which was made from coconut flesh and water. Topped with basil and avocado oil, this was one of the most luscious and totally filling meals, but also completely raw!

Chef Bryan challenged me to give RAW cuisine a test drive for one day a week and invited me to have all my meals as RAW for one day on the resort. So far, so delicious and I have had a huge amount of energy and stamina.

We’ve coaxed Chef Bryan to share some of his favourite spa cuisine and RAW recipes with us over the coming months and as I eat my way through the menu, I’ll be sure to highlight my own personal favourites.

I am a happy cat today and another top benefit of this incredible food is how flat my tummy is looking. I’m off to Yoga now so best sign off and take my new found energy levels to a class.

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