Wellness Challenge: Day 2 at the Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket

Well the reverie of my life-changing trip to paradise has been broken with a couple of home truths about weight loss and transformation of my eating and exercise habits.

In the pursuit of changing your life in 10 days, today I took one for the team! The somewhat humiliating but utterly fascinating and cleansing Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment was recommended at my health consultation to kickstart my detox and maximise proper digestion. What goes in MUST come out and if it hasn’t in a really long time, chances are your colon is blocked, your digestion sluggish and your tummy constantly bloated.

After 45 minutes, I felt lighter, brighter and learnt that we have to drink more water (what a surprise) and chew, chew, chew before swallowing. This treatment is not for the prudish but amazing testimony abounds for this ancient internal spring clean. I won’t go into gory details, but suffice to say that the 2kg weight loss goal just got a not so gentle kickstart!

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Must not forget to mention the fun stuff: loving how easy it is to keep on track with the divine low fat spa cuisine, which has a calorie and fat count beside each serving (ah! to have a chef and butler back home), and the neuromuscular massage therapy that worked out the kinks from years of poor posture sitting hunched over a laptop! Intense, but designed for transforming results so I just laid back and took deep breaths.

The morning’s Yoga class and a thoroughly kick ass thighs, butts and belly workout rounded out a pretty much perfect day.

Sitting in a villa now, coated in St Tropez Daily to get a golden glow by the morning without the sun. I guess it’s fair to say that it’s been a big day. I’m officially pooped!
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