Wellness Challenge: Day 5 at the Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket

If you have been following RESCU nutrition expert Zoe Bingley-Pullin, you will already be wise to the fact that detox does not necessarily mean vegetable broth and carrot sticks as main meals. Clean, raw and nutritious foods can be just as cleansing and nourishing as a brutal fast…

Delicious and Nutritious – really!

Your body has an amazing inbuilt ability to create balance and perfect health, it just needs the right fuel. The old saying that you are what you eat has been proven here at the Six Senses Destination Spa. A mainly organic and certainly unprocessed menu with plentiful servings of fish is a major drawcard for guests – the food is quite simply delicious.

It’s amazing how quickly your palette will adapt to a low fat, low salt version of your favourite dish. I have been so satisfied and so intrigued by the sheer variety and innovative ways food is presented here. Everything is also labelled for caloric count and serving size. It takes about 24 hours to feel mildly horrified about what you eat in your ‘normal’ day, and at last I figure out why my white jeans are looking less Liz Hurley and more J.Lo before the tone up!

Big portions, hidden fats, unnecessary calories from sugar and a real lack of fruit and vegetables are only obvious when you see the contrast.

And the result of 4 days of only eating this kind of food? My stomach is flatter and I have no bloating at all. The whites of my eyes are gleaming, I wake up early without an alarm clock full of beans and ready to do some exercise. I sleep like a baby. Changing not only what you eat but your attitude to fresh food is a priority here.

There is dessert at every meal and organic wine is available, but it’s about quality, variety and nutritional value. I will be taking this away with me and intend to immediately incorporate this philosophy to what I eat and how I prepare food. It’s incredible, but now I truly see that I am as vital and full of juice as what I put into my mouth. If only they had taught us this instead of dodgy shepherd’s pie recipes in Home Economics!

I have a cooking class and a meeting with the chef next week. Standby for tips and expert advice.

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