Wellness Challenge: Day 7 at the Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket

A huge part of transformation is taking responsibility for our actions, thoughts and ultimately where we are at in life. So on day 7 of my Wellness challenge, I turned to meditation and spirituality…

A higher purpose…

Most of us go through life with the expectation or at least the hope that someone or some situation will come along and save us from what inevitably we have created: A crap relationship, a job we hate, a body that doesn’t quite reflect the person we’d rather see in a bikini, and so on. Even childhood stuff that people carry for a lifetime as baggage can be released in the instant you take responsibility for today onwards.

The past week has been illuminating in one particular aspect – taking responsibility is an amazing technique that can quickly take you from victim to pilot. If for example you are a smoker and want to give it up, a huge step toward quitting is taking responsibility for your current and future health. This realisation does not come through eating low fat foods, or from kayaking in the mangroves. It usually happens either when people have some kind of crisis resulting in an ‘epiphany’ that shakes them to the core and they start exploring the non-physical aspects of their lives and minds. It can also happen when you are sitting quietly, reflecting and taking a step out to look in.

The Six Senses Destination Spa focuses on all aspects of wellbeing. I’ve shared with you my experiences around treatments and the incredible environment here, but for a full transformation to take place, the Six Senses also offers treatments and expert advice for harmonising and developing the spiritual aspect of your life. If you are looking for long term wellness, the smart money is on spiritual wellbeing.

Around here, meditating whether formally or in the form of sitting quietly and looking out to a beautiful view is considered just as part of your daily ritual as brushing your teeth.

Exploring your spiritual nature through books, guided meditations, Reiki or good old fashioned prayer are an important aspect to being a balanced and well person. Spirituality opens another aspect of your life. It’s no wonder that we see celebrities, who seemingly have it all, furiously pursue spiritual balance and enlightenment – Kabbalah or Tibetan Buddhism (like Richard Gere) anyone? Without this, even all the wealth, adulation, success and platinum albums in the world don’t make you feel happy and whole.

My journey…

When I arrived, I was thrilled to learn that every day, there would be an opportunity to try something new and to test the waters in this area of my life – an area long ago abandoned and left languishing in favour or concrete experiences and way too much focus on the external.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the physical and the practical, but there is something to be said for the metaphysical and the spiritual when it comes to finding inner peace and a sense of flow in your every day interactions. I have not had an epiphany or any outer body experiences (yet), but I have, in quiet reflection, sitting looking out at the sea or listening to the humming of cicadas, found a deep tranquillity that no massage or other physical experience could have given me. I like how it feels and I will be trying to take a little bit of this back with me.

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