Wellness Challenge: Day 9 at the Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket

At the Six Senses Destination Spa, they truly embrace all of the six senses and one of the pleasures of my stay has been to indulge all of them at some point in my quest for life changing transformation. Today, I allowed myself to transcend beyond the five senses and experience a rather extraordinary healing by internationally renowned gifted psychic, psychoanalyst and Bedouin healer Dorit Itzhaki Dowling.

Sometimes, it’s only through believing that we see

In order to achieve great things, it is necessary to suspend your disbelief and doubts. So much happens on a subtle or a subconscious level in life that if we only went by absolutes and what we can see, it would be near impossible to dream, imagine a better future or to achieve more than we did yesterday.

Who is Dorit?

Based in London, Dorit is on speed dial to royalty, celebrities, business tycoons and housewives from around the globe. It is true that there are certain highly respected and powerful men and women in the world of business and world affairs that simply would not dream of dealing with a problem without her help.

Her amazing healing ability has been passed to her through three generations, but it is a uniquely Dorit style and persona that I experienced. She is chatty, warm and strong willed. I was asked not to talk but to answer only two questions throughout the session. Dorit swiftly and expertly identified areas of blocked energy, negativity and channels (describing in extraordinary detail things she could not have known about) in my life that are holding me back from all that is possible for me.

Dorit’s insight into my life
Her insight ran from business advice (she has a great brain for business); how to nurture my relationship with my lovely husband; how to deal with business setbacks and importantly, she reminded me to be grateful and happy for all the blessings in my life. Even when zeroing in on areas of negativity and her specialty – the Evil Eye, Dorit remains kind and good natured about the situation and does not get stuck in the blame game nor in the emotion of it all. She simply and efficiently moves through the energetic field first targeting and then eliminating blockages, the Evil Eye (apparently even those who love you can put the Evil Eye on you) and restoring you back to peace, success and happiness in home and business.

Typically, Dorit would also visit my house and do energetic clearing and healing there, but given the geography, she has advised that she will do this part of her treatment with photographs that I am to provide. The session also incorporates the reading of your coffee cup (fun but also very accurate) and extensive guidance and instructions for at home maintenance and rituals that she asked me to perform over the coming weeks. She will also continue to work on my energy via meditation and absent healing. For some things to work their ‘magic’, you have to first suspend your doubts and disbelief.

Before we finished and after a long list of instructions that I must follow when I get home, Dorit gave me a number of gifts. A four leaf clover that she grows at home and had laminated – this is to be placed in my office; a Kabbalah band which she tied around my left wrist (the right hand is for giving and the left for receiving); a number of prayers (for travel and for the home) and a fantastic chart that lists a daily “forecast” for your life according to the day in the month – based on numerology.

Dorit is a lady of many talents. She designs logos for her clients to optimise business success, and has told me that she will send over some tips on the RESCU logo so don’t be surprised if we come back in the new year with an update. I also found out that I was at the tail end of my lucky year (who would have guessed??) and she reminded me with a twinkle in her eye and warm laugh that the good luck year was not over yet and that I was to seize every opportunity that comes my way. And why not!

How to contact Dorit

Dorit Itzhaki Dowling is not available via email but I asked her to share her UK number with RESCU readers. She kindly agreed. For a personal appointment next time you are in the UK call: +44 20 87401244 and of course keep an eye out on the visiting consultants roster at The Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket.


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