What To Wear When Meeting His Friends

 You know a relationship is blossoming when he wants to introduce you to his friends and family. This is a key step in any new relationship and the outcome may make or break it’s longevity.  So, it’s important to try to look and feel your best. Never fear! Alarna Hope, Editorial Stylist and Founder of That Effortless Bitch shares the ultimate guide to impressing without over powering for each of these three situations.

Meeting your significant others friends and family for the first time isn’t easy for anyone, if someone tells you it is – they’re fibbing. I’ve never spoken to a friend about this who wasn’t nervous about it. You want those who care about your partner to care about you too and you have your fingers crossed that your possible future in-laws welcome you with open arms.

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Well nine times out of ten, your partner has a lovely family and fabulous friends and colleagues, and he’s warned you about the ones who can be a little iffy. So I’d like to inform you that you shouldn’t be too worried about it because his close friends and family feel the exact same way. When I first met my sisters husband, I was nervous as hell! I was worried about saying the wrong thing that could make her look bad, and when I met my partner’s parents, the same thing crossed my mind. While I can’t tell you what to say, because everyone’s situation is different, I can give you an idea of what to wear, because knowing what to wear and when is my area of expertise and it’s often one of the biggest stressors when meeting your partners people!

Meeting His Friends

It’s likely these will be the first people you meet and you should dress comfortably and not over the top. It’s not about being the best-dressed person at the party, or where ever you’re going. It’s about looking cool, calm and collected – even if you want to wear a head to toe floral dress and stand near the curtains to blend in all night.

Ensure you’re dressed in comfortable shoes that you can walk easily in, there’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable waddle up to ‘It’s nice to meet you’. Spend a little time at home before you leave making sure you can sit and stand easily without flashing anyone, even though most females know other females wear spanx, wearing them should still be a gloriously big mystery, so make sure when you sit down, if you’re wearing spanx, they don’t become visible.

Meeting His Colleagues

Luckily for me, my partner is mainly a lone wolf when it comes to work and I’ve not yet met his boss. But when meeting my ex’s colleagues, I was so worried I was going to seem so different to them. He worked in the film industry and I worked in fashion, and film people are cool people, they’re very relaxed and many of them wear comfortable clothing for work and I’m the total opposite. I do dress comfortably, but if I have to do casual, I have some statement jewellery on or a great pair of shoes.

Sometimes when meeting your partner’s colleagues, you can’t control the environment you’ll meet them in. It might be while you’re both out at a café and you all bump into each other, or it could be at a work function. If it’s out at a café, you can’t choose what you are going to

wear to make that first impression – it will just happen – but in a way, it’s a blessing because you’ll have your partners colleagues see you when you’re being yourself and that’s a great thing.

If it’s a work function, always follow the dress code and remember that a work function is not a time to wear in a new pair of shoes, show too much skin, or wear a daring outfit. You want to impress, but you’re there to complement your partner and let him to do the rounds. This is his night, so if you’re power dressing, make sure he is too.

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His Family

We’re not all betty-home makers, we don’t all wear cardigans tied over our shoulders and say things like ‘Yes, Mrs (Insert name here), I do go to church.’ Impressing his family will happen when you come as yourself, so he can show off the girl he loves. If his parents and family are far more conservative than you are, dress as if you were going to a work retreat, or meeting your parents out for lunch. You do need to look like you made an effort, but you don’t need to walk in wearing something that’s completely not you.

Last but not least, remember that your partner prefers it when you dress as yourself instead. Make sure you are confident in what you’re wearing and how you feel and don’t leave that house in anything you feel less than fantastic in.


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