What To Wear On Your First Date

First impressions matter, especially when meeting potential love interests. So, it’s important to try to look and feel your best. Never fear! Alarna Hope, Editorial Stylist and Founder of That Effortless Bitch talks about what to wear on a date and how to make a lasting impression.

If you’ve found yourself a lovely date, googled them to make sure they’re not a lunatic and you’re head-over-heels in-like with them – then you might be looking for some help when it comes to dressing for that date. And today I’m here to share my wardrobe wisdom with you because I know just how much an outfit can have an effect on your confidence, especially when it comes to that glorious first impression.

Now, I’ve been on my fair share of first dates and so have many of my clients. What I always think about when dressing for a first date is that show Law & Order. I love it so much, I love a mystery and I think mystery is important when it comes to dressing for a first date. I wouldn’t watch an episode of Law & Order if I knew what was going to happen, that would suck the ‘dun dun!’ suspense right out of it!

dateCredits: Photographer: Jan-erick Luzuriaga Model: Aylah Peterson Makeup: Liv Slee Stylist: Alarna Hope

So when dressing for a first date it’s important not to show too much of your physical assets off right at the beginning, because essentially you want him or her to be interested in you for you and not get too distracted by your body, that comes later.

Pick Your Va-Va-Voom Points:

Have a think about what it is you love about your body, is it your gorgeous skin tone, your eyes, your legs? Do you have a fantastic backside? Go girl! But not so fast, pick one asset and show it in an elegant way. It can be hard to focus when there’s not much fabric covering your body, and you want that sense of mystery to last longer than the first date.

Don’t Buy A New Outfit:


If you find yourself over-spending in preparation for that first date, how are you going to feel if it does go to plan? Investing too much money on a new outfit, a brand new hairstyle or a drop-dead gorgeous new dress can come back to haunt you if the date is a dud – particularly if it’s an emotional dud.

Wear Your Running Heels:

Not because you’ll likely need to run away from him, I’m sure it won’t get to that. But when I say running heels, I mean shoes comfortable enough that you can walk in for a longer period of time in case a nice stroll after dinner becomes part of the date. You don’t want to be taking off your shoes because they’re too uncomfortable, unless you’re walking along the beach. Commit to the shoes, own the shoes, and strut in those shoes.

Check For VPL:

This doesn’t mean you have to wear your sucker-inner’s, just wear a seamless pair of underwear and a great bra so there’s no visible panty lines. Once you’re dressed, make sure that if you are wearing spanx that they’re not visible when you sit down.

Dress For Your Self:

Lastly, a first date isn’t about putting on a show, it’s about being yourself and giving him a glimpse of who you are. If you’re a jeans and tee girl, wear those, if you’re a flirty frockstar – let it be! You can’t show up wearing something that you think he will prefer, this has to be about you and being confident in yourself so that dates 2, 3, 4 and 100 get put in your calendar.

Now that you’re all dolled up and ready to knock this date right out of the park, strut out that door with a gorgeous smile on your face – you’ve got this.


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