Why Your Teeth Should Be Included In Your Beauty Regime

Teeth are a surprising give away for your age and can be the downfall of an otherwise perfect beauty regime. Look at any before and after transformation of a Hollywood goddess and you will see the deft skills of a cosmetic dentist and teeth whitening at play. We spoke to Australia’s top celebrity Dentist Dr Fadi Yassmin on the latest advances in cosmetic dentistry and to Teeth Whitening Expert Alison Eagan on the full spectrum of ways to truly transform your smile and to turn back the clock.

To begin the process of correcting the visible signs of ageing, Dr Fadi looks at the condition of the teeth and the gums.

“The teeth’s visible sign of ageing is tooth enamel wear, shortening of teeth and discoloration of teeth. The visible signs of ageing in the gums are receding gums, which make teeth appear longer, and thinning gum tissue. “

Dr Fadi shares that some of these corrections for teeth can be fixed with conservative treatments like bonding, and if the ageing and deterioration is advanced, he uses more complex solutions using harder materials like porcelain and zirconia.

“Tooth alignment and a natural white smile can really enhance the face, basically getting your teeth ‘done’ without looking done.”

However, Dr Fadi warns against over bleaching teeth. “Super bright white teeth with no real tooth anatomy can look more ageing”.

Other dental procedures that are used to enhance features and be part of an overall anti-ageing treatment include treatments to align the teeth such as adult braces, lingual braces or Invisalign.

The digital world has also caught up with traditional dentistry, making it possible to mimic or ‘borrow’ a perfect smile from others via a ‘Smile Donor’.

A digital smile donor is a person who can be a family member, celebrity or even model, who’s teeth image have been digitised and therefore able to be transferred in the method of veneers or crowns to the recipient patient. This is a total game changer and particularly effective when there is a genetic match or resemblance. You may not be able to have Angelina Jolie’s smile, but if your mother or cousin for example has beautiful teeth, you may be able to replicate these in your veneers for a natural and beautiful upgrade.

“Porcelain Veneers that are from a ‘smile donator’ in a shade that is not ultra white, but more of a natural white also really help to enhance the smile and be part of the anti ageing regime. “

Dr Fadi explains that there are two options for veneers: resin bonding or porcelain veneers, and that these can be applied to one tooth or the full set of teeth, depending on need and budget.

Keep in mind that there is no set cost for this level of advanced cosmetic dentistry and costs can truly vary depending on the exact treatment and materials used.

Dr Fadi explains that as an estimate, bonding can range from $500-$950, and Porcelain veneers can vary from $1900-$3100 per tooth. Do the math and it’s clear that this is an investment and the results are long term so it’s well worthwhile doing your research and choosing a dentist with a proven record and examples of beautiful smiles.

With modern technology the way veneers are now made have come a long way. I now use digital files for natural teeth for my bank of ‘smile donators’ so that I can give patients natural tooth anatomy.  The planning allows for much thinner veneers, preserving tooth structure and copying nature. I like to think of this as copy and paste dentistry.”

A quick fix- Teeth Whitening

A beautiful, bright smile can be one the quickest and most efficient upgrades to your overall beauty and anti-ageing routine. Add a couple of sessions a year to your roster of lotions, potions, facials and jabs for a remarkably transformative effect.

Alison Eagaon is a beauty entrepreneur who’s created a multi-million dollar empire from mobile teeth whitening.

Unique to her process and possibly the key reason for her extraordinary success is the relatively comfortable, affordable and fast procedure is available without the stress of going to the dentist.

Alison Eagan explains that you can achieve results from 5-7 shades lighter from the Triple Treatment – following the initial treatment you will need a 4-6 week top up, then regular top ups every 6-12 months. Sparkling White Smile also give a take home pen for touch ups between treatments.

With teeth whitening it’s always case by case and every client is treated as an individual to achieve their optimum results “.

If you’ve investigated in dentist teeth whitening services, and have read online reviews about the potential discomfort, you may be surprised by the low cost and amazing results the Sparkling White Smile treatment offers in the privacy and comfort of your own space.

Sparkling White Smile only uses 6% Hydrogen Peroxide which is a lower concentration to in-chair dental teeth whitening. In return it provides a more comfortable experience for our clientele anywhere they please. We have recognised that using this approach and in conjunction with regular sessions produces results that now celebrities all around Australia are wanting from us – and all of this in 90 minutes.

We see teeth whitening appropriate for anyone looking to feel their best, confident and younger. We have clients ranging from 18 to 70, male and female, all of which are looking for that celebrity sparkling white smile. “

RESCU Road Test Sparkling White Smile:

We experienced the magic of Sparkling White Smile with friends in our first at home treatment. All three of us were delighted and surprised with the relative ease and comfort of the mobile service, and of course the spectacular results.

image via @sparklingwhitesmile

Our Editor experienced three-four shades of brightness from the first treatment and reports multiple compliments not just on her teeth, but on looking better overall.

“The great thing about teeth brightening, is that if it’s done naturally, no one can quite pin point what you’ve had done, but they do notice and compliment you on looking better and actually healthier. I loved this sneaky update to my beauty game.” Bahar Etminan, Editor & Founder RESCU.com.au

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