Alex Perry’s 3 Tips To Looking Fabulous While Keeping Snug

Need some winter fashion inspiration? Alex Perry gives his three top tips for looking glamorous while keeping snug.
Winter is such a fabulously glamorous season. Snowflakes on eyelashes, piping hot mugs of chocolate clasped by knitted mittens, fur hats, dramatic scarves and coats, rich textures … and oh so many layers of clothes!
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The land of Oz enjoys a cooler climate for such a very short time, so it’s no wonder the Winter fashion season leaves us a little … ahem, shall we say … cold?!

It’s easy to get lost in all those layers, but follow my 3 tips for glamorous dressing during Winter and you shall wind up looking more “uber chic a la Bond Girl”, than “Michelin snow man caught in a blimp blizzard”. Here begins your warm affair with the Winter woollies:

1. Tis the season to accessorise

Hats, gloves, scarves, boots, wraps, furry things, coats, knits, tights/ leggings, umbrellas … the list goes on. Look to magazines for inspiration and embrace your inner stylist.

Don’t be frightened to experiment. Have fun with textures, proportions and colour – add some sparkle to knitwear, wear a patent gloss boot with a chunky knit, throw on an oversized coat over a tiny mini dress, take a conservative black dress and accent with a bright scarf, hat and gloves … you get the drift.

– There are so many fun accessory options, even if you can’t afford a big ticket item this season – accessories can add an instant glamour update to your wardrobe.
– A great brolly is an essential Winter accessory – so be sure to invest in a fabulous one and work it into your look.
– Fur (faux of course) just purrs glamour, so wear it day or night in anything you can find (see before mentioned “uber chic a la Bond Girl”).
– Ditto for diamonds.

2. Layering is the key

Winter weather can be unpredictable, and indoor heating can turn our overzealous rugging up required for the trek to the office into a menopausal hot flush before morning tea. Decidedly un-glamorous.

Be sure to dress comfortably for your indoor environment, and then build layers one by one to combat the outdoor weather and temperature. There is nothing more un-glamorous than seeing someone dressed inappropriately for the environment (yes, I’m talking to you – all those CBD office girls still wearing Summer sandals (or worse, thongs) on icy rainy Winter days! Frostbite is not glamorous). 

There is however a knack to successful layering:

– Choose garments in soft fabrics that fall and drape to avoid a bulky build up (see the before-mentioned “Michelin man” look).
– Be mindful of proportions so you don’t “drown” in too much fabric.
– Choose harmonious tonal shades rather than jarring off-beat colours, to avoid looking like a mismatched mess (or worse, like you are wearing the entire contents of your wardrobe all at once!).

3. Allow more time for planning outfits and for dressing

It does take a little more effort to wrap your head around Winter dressing, so take the time to plan your outfits in advance, and avoid an early morning-dressing-in-a-hurry-before-coffee-has kicked-in fashion fiasco.

It also takes more time to actually pile on those layers so you might have to set the alarm clock 10 minutes early! Trust me, it’s worth it.

Okay, so now you are ready to look super glamorous whilst staying toasty warm all Winter long. Phew … personally, I am relieved I won’t be seeing any more Michelin man-like blimps wearing opened-toed shoes leaping puddles in the CBD this season. Chill factor – out. Snug glamour pusses – in.


By Alex Perry


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