Your 2019 Chinese Horoscopes

The Year of the Ji Hai (Earth Boar) begins on 5 February 2019 (according to the Lunar Calendar) and on 4 February 2019, (according to the Solar HSIA Calendar). The Lunar Calendar is used for traditional Chinese New Year celebrations, however keep in mind, the Solar Calendar is used when calculating the Feng Shui energy flow of the year and 4 Pillars Astrology for individuals.

The Ji Hai Year pillar contains Yin Earth sitting on Yin Water, with additional Yang Water and Yang Wood in the hidden stems. Earth controls Water in the element cycle, and this indicates a year when things may appear relatively stable on the surface, however there are likely to be some weakened foundations and hidden tensions brewing beneath the surface.

From a health perspective, the Earth/Water imbalance has the potential to trigger issues connected with inner and outer fluids (such as leaks, water damage, flooding, blood purity and circulation, poisoning, insulin, digestive fluids, urine, semen, hormones, gastro-intestinal issues etc).

The inherent nature of the annual Ji Heavenly Stem corresponds to the earth and all the rich, nurturing nutrients and hidden talents contained within. This energy resonates with an honest, reserved and observant nature and the desire to nurture and care for others while also bringing resources together.

The Hai Earthly Branch of the year pillar is yin in appearance, but yang in nature, while driven by a deep need for security (financially and within the family unit). The Hai qi also connects with travel and pilgrimage. Just as we saw a lot of major earth movement in the form of volcanos and earthquakes in 2018 with the strong double earth qi, in 2019 the travelling qi of Hai can bring increased incidents while travelling long distances over land and water.

In order to successfully navigate the Ji Hai energy of the 2019 solar year, it’s important to remember the 3 big C’s: courage, communication and compromise. While the stability-loving element of earth attempts to contain the ever elusive and intuitive water qi, the earth is fundamentally wet and difficult to dry with no useful fire available to harden the dam walls. We must each tap into our own inner flame in order to avoid sinking more easily into a semi-fearful state, and the easiest way to do this is via spiritual counselling and making sure you get adequate vitamin D from the sun while connecting your bare feet to the earth.

The Ji Hai annual energy encourages us to take responsibility for our own words and actions. Nobody expects you to be perfect and everybody makes mistakes at some point in their life. Evolution and true enlightenment can occur when you acknowledge and own your mistakes and actively seek to learn from the situation.

2019 is a generally positive year for investing time and energy into your education, the environment, setting long term goals, connecting with a mentor/teacher and/or spiritual path while seeking to widen your horizons and philosophical outlook.

Now let’s have a look at the annual Feng Shui energy influences during the Ji Hai solar year (which will affect your home and business from 4 February 2019 until 3 February 2020). Keep in mind, each compass sector begins in the gravitational centre of the building and extends to the boundary lines of the property, like 8 big pieces of pie. You can determine the general location of the compass sectors by standing in the centre of the building with a compass and taking note which rooms are located in which compass sectors.

If using a compass app on your iPhone, make sure it is calibrated to Magnetic North and not Map/True North. The compass sectors and their corresponding degrees are:

North Sector:               337.5 – 22.5 degrees
Northeast Sector:         22.5 – 67.5 degrees
East Sector:                 67.5 – 112.5 degrees
Southeast Sector:        112.5 – 157.5 degrees
South Sector:              157.5 – 202.5 degrees
Southwest Sector:        202.5 – 247.5 degrees
West Sector:                247.5 – 292.5 degrees
Northwest Sector:         292.5 – 337.5 degrees

Annual 1 White Tan Lang Intelligence Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: West Sector (247.5-292.5 degrees)

The annual 1 Tan Lang energy connects with intelligent decision making, wisdom, learning, financial negotiation and literary achievement. The annual 1 water qi interacts favourably with the metal qi of the West sector and this productive relationship supports communications, travel, negotiating, writing, teaching, performing and flirting. The energy in the West sector this year will respond harmoniously with water and metal element colour, form and sound (eg black, medium-dark blue, navy, white, gold, a silver, golden yellow, brass, bronze colour, curved, round and wavy shapes, metallic ornaments, beautiful image of water, the sound of harmonious piano music and/or a singing bowl).

Note: the entire West sector of your home, business and property will also be affected by the annual Sarm Sart energy influence this year so DO NOT conduct any renovation, construction, excavation or cutting down trees in the West sector from 4 Feb 2019 until 3 Feb 2020 in order to avoid triggering 3 types of misfortune via the disturbance to the annual Sarm Sart qi. If a neighbouring property bordering on the West side of your property is undergoing construction or excavation this year, hang a beautiful sounding metallic windchime between the disturbance and your home to create a protective metal element sound barrier to help disperse the sha qi.

Annual 2 Black Ju Men Monarch of Sickness Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: Northeast Sector (22.5-67.5 degrees)

The sickness qi that attaches itself to the annual 2 Ju Men energy has the potential to gradually weaken the immune system for anyone predominantly using the Northeast sector as an office or bedroom. The 2 energy is a carrier of sickness qi, not the sickness itself. The interaction of the annual 2 in the NE sector also has the potential to trigger inflammation issues in the bones and joints for anyone spending a lot of time in the NE sector this year.

If you reduce the sickness qi from the 2 energy by enticing its focus with a combination of metal element and a gourd (also known as a wu lu or calabash), then it can be used productively to support luck potential connected with long term savings, diligent budgeting and spiritual awareness.

It is therefore recommended that you place a dried gourd with a hole cut into the top section of the gourd, OR a gourd-shaped empty metallic vase or urn in the Northeast sector of your home and business this year and regularly space clear the area with the protective sound of metal via harmonious piano music, a singing bowl or space clearing bell.

Note: ‘gourd-shaped’ simply means an empty container that has a big belly, a narrow neck and an opening at the top.

Annual 3 Jade Lu Cun (Quarrel) Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: South Sector (157.5 – 202.5 degrees)

The annual 3 Jade has an inherently competitive, money hungry, quarrelsome and litigious nature which in some cases can also attract theft. Generally speaking, the influence of the 3 Jade (when used correctly), can bring opportunities for people working in the legal fraternity, dispute resolution, banking, financial planning, gambling, competitive sports, sales and aggressive promotion. If you are not actively using the qi of the annual 3 in one of the above-mentioned ways, then it can help to partially reduce its inherent quarrelsome effects by adding some fire element to the South sector this year via a decorative red coloured object, a solar powered lantern or a lamp that is regularly turned on. If the inherent feng shui energy flow in the South sector of your home already contains a negative earth qi or a favourable metal qi, then it may be better to reduce the influence of the annual 3 Lu Cun qi with yin metal element (eg some gold or golden yellow colour), depending on the energy flow.

Annual 4 Green/Romance & Scholarly Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: North Sector (337.5-22.5 degrees)

The creative energy of the annual 4 Green supports academics, people in the entertainment industry, writers, artists, designers, researchers, scholars, romantics and creative individuals in general. This energy will respond well to healthy plants and beautiful artworks depicting nature. If you sleep or work in the North sector, you are more likely to travel this year. The interaction of the annual 4 in the North sector creates vibrant Peach Blossom energy which can be beneficial for those seeking a life partner and/or to enhance their existing relationship.

Annual Wu Wang / 5 Yellow Lian Zhen Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: Southwest Sector (202.5-247.5 degrees)

This is a negative annual energy influence that can attract misfortune to the occupants if disturbed by renovations, excavation and/or cutting down trees in the Southwest sector of your home, business and/or property. This also includes neighbouring properties alongside the SW sector of your property, so if for example your neighbour bordering the SW sector of your property is constructing a house or excavating for a pool on their land (while the annual 5 Yellow resides in the SW sector), then this disturbance can also affect you.

If there is disturbance to the Southwest sector while affected by the annual 5 Yellow, add additional metal element (ie metallic objects such as a string of I-Ching coins tied with golden yellow thread, a metallic windchime, chiming pendulum clock, brass bell, singing bowl and/or metallic ornaments that are curved or round in shape, the sound of beautiful piano music, white, gold, silver, brass, bronze, copper and golden yellow colours) to the Southwest sector of your home and property (between the disturbance and your home) to help reduce the negative 5 earth qi with metal.

If there is no excavation or renovation occurring in the Southwest sector of your home and property this year, then the qi of the annual 5 Yellow is less likely to become a problem for you. If you are sleeping or working in the Southwest sector, the addition of golden yellow or gold colour and the regular sound of a singing bowl or harmonious piano music will help keep the qi benevolent.

Annual 6 White Wu Qu / Authority & Promotion Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: East Sector (67.5-112.5 degrees)

The annual 6 energy attracts positive opportunities for building authority, leadership, taking on added responsibilities and gaining recognition and/or mentoring from people in positions of power.   Add some water element colour via black or medium-dark blue colour to harmonise the qi of the annual 6 while it resides in the East sector this year. The addition of some harmonising water element to the East sector this year will also help reduce the potential for injury to the lower limbs, feet and/or throat for anyone spending a lot of time in the East sector this year.

Annual 7 Red Po Jun / Competitive Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: Southeast Sector (112.5 – 157.5 degrees)

The annual 7 Red energy can stir up competition, anger, miscommunication, gossip, injury by metal/sharp objects and possible theft.

Be more security conscious with windows, doors and important/sensitive documentation in the Southeast sector of your home this year and if your bedroom, main door or office is located in the SE sector, be extra mindful of your communication style, keep your cool during discussions and avoid driving or using sharp tools when feeling angry or distracted by a recent or on-going argument.

Add some water element colour (eg black or medium-dark blue) to the Southeast sector this year to harmonise the communication between the annual 7 and the inherent wood qi in the SE sector. This will in turn help calm the potential for the annual 7/SE sector energy interaction to attract sweet talkers with a betrayer’s tongue.

The 7 Red energy can be used in a positive way when involved in public speaking, writing, teaching, consulting, travel and when working in competitive sales, so you can use this annual energy productively via the power of speech and communications in general if water element colour is added to the Southeast sector.

Annual 8 White Zuo Fu / Abundance Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: Centre

The annual 8 White energy is an inherently positive qi and this year it will reside in the centre of the Dao, thus making it inaccessible to any of the compass sectors. We’ll all have to work just a little bit harder to help make up for the ruling 8 qi being inaccessible on our properties this year.

Annual Sui Po (Year Breaker)

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: (Si) SE3 (142.5-157.5 degrees)

(Covers 15 degrees within SE, closest to where SE meets South)

This annual energy is in direct conflict with the Tai Sui energy of the year.   You should avoid renovating, excavating or cutting down trees in this location of your home, business and property while it is thus afflicted, otherwise you risk triggering misfortune for the family.   

Annual 9 Purple / You Bi Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: Northwest Sector (292.5-337.5 degrees)

The annual 9 Purple energy enhances the inherent energy within the natal chart of the sector where it resides, so if the inherent energy in the Northwest sector of your home is harmonious with the presence of fire element, then it will amplify the effect. Otherwise, you may need to tone down the effect of the central 9 qi depending on what inherent energy affects this location in your home.

The interaction of the annual 9 Fire qi with the Metal qi of the NW sector can be partly harmonised with the addition of some soothing earth (eg yellow or brown colour or a beautiful rounded crystal or stoneware with no sharp pointy protrusions). The addition of some earth qi will help calm the potential for challenge to authority for anyone spending a lot of time in the Northwest sector this year.

Annual Sarm Sart / 3 Sha Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: (232.5-307.5 degrees)

This annual energy influence affects the entire West Sector plus extends into Xu and Shen on either side. People born in the year of the Rooster, Dog and Monkey will tend to be more susceptible to the effects of the Sarm Sart this year if it is disturbed by renovation/excavation or if they sit at their work desk facing towards East this year.

Do not substantially renovate or cut down trees in the West sector or you risk disturbing the Sarm Sart energy and activating 3 types of negative energy for the occupants.

Try to avoid sitting with the Sarm Sart directly behind you for extended periods of time while working, studying and when attending important meetings or you may tend to feel more vulnerable to betrayal and more easily disturbed, irrespective of whether or not East is usually deemed a positive direction for you to sit facing towards when working or studying, according to your Kua (Ming Gua).

Note: some people are more susceptible than others to the subtle influence of vulnerability via having the Sarm Sart at their back while working. If you find you feel unusually uncomfortable or less supported in the work place while facing towards East in 2019, then you should try another direction according to the directions deemed favourable via your inherent Kua (Ming Gua) energy.

It’s fine to sit facing towards the annual Sarm Sart energy (ie facing towards West), just be careful if it is directly behind you while working, studying or when attending important meetings. 

Annual Tai Sui / Grand Duke Jupiter Energy

Position: 4th Feb 2019 – 3rd Feb 2020: (Hai) NW3 (322.5-337.5 degrees)

(Covers 15 degrees within NW closest to where NW meets North)

This annual energy affects 15 degrees of the compass each year. Do not substantially construct, renovate, dig up the earth or cut down trees in this location of your home, office or property or you risk triggering misfortune associated with illness, loss of finances, and damage to your reputation and/or relationships.

You can place a Pi Yao or Kilin in the NW sector facing towards SE or diagonally opposite in the SE sector facing towards NW to symbolically appease the Grand Duke/Tai Sui energy, especially if your Earthly Branch/Chinese Animal sign is in conflict with the Tai Sui position. In 2019 the Si/Snake energy is in conflict with the Boar/Hai year energy.

People with Si/Snake in their 4 Pillars birth chart can symbolically avert the clashing qi in 2018 by wearing a Tiger pendant or keeping an image or Chinese Calligraphy representing Tiger (Yin) near where you sleep & work because the Tiger energy can symbolically help redirect the clash of qi.

If you were born in the year of the Snake, then you can expect a lot of change to occur this year and this may entail a lot of travel or moving to a different home and/or work place. If you were born in the month of the Snake, then the clash of qi is more likely to connect with change associated with your work environment and/or parents. If you were born on the day of the Snake, then your closest relationships are likely to be affected by change and if you were born in the hour of the Snake, then change is likely to connect with your children and/or important projects or investments.

When attending important meetings, giving presentations, negotiating with clients, attending interviews or when sitting at your work desk for extended periods of time, do not sit facing directly towards the Tai Sui or you will face additional obstacles. It’s fine to have the Tai Sui behind you when working or giving presentations as it will strengthen and support your position.

So, what this means, is that from 4th Feb 2019 until 3rd Feb 2020, you should avoid facing towards 322.5-337.5 degrees NW for extended periods of time while working, studying, when giving important presentations and when attending important meetings etc.

If you regularly confront the annual Tai Sui energy while working, meeting with important clients or while studying, it’s like facing a brick wall, with productivity and creativity more likely to be blocked. However, if you sit with the Tai Sui direction behind you while dealing with important clients, then the Tai Sui energy will automatically support your back and place you in a position of increased power and simultaneously help weaken your opponent.

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